Automatic malaria diagnosis system

Published in ICRoM, 2013

Recommended citation: Mehrjou, Arash, Tooraj Abbasian, and Morteza Izadi. "Automatic malaria diagnosis system." In 2013 First RSI/ISM International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM), pp. 205-211. IEEE, 2013.

Malaria Diagnosis is normally accomplished by visual microscopy which is time consuming and offers low accuracy because of the operator\'s tiredness and lack of profession in job. To overcome this liability, we designed an automatic system which is able to take photos of blood smears automatically in high rate using motorized sophisticated microscope. After gathering enough samples for microscopy, Image processing task is launched which is the core of our job in this paper. Finally, results of the whole process are reported to physician for prescribing the best cure. Because of the importance of correct diagnosis stage of Malaria and parasite type in curing process, this system can attract a great deal of attention in Malaria Diagnosis task.

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